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Name:writing the sacred
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Community description:writing from spiritual prompts

a writing challenge community

Please read the information below before posting in the community!

Welcome to the [community profile] sacred25 challenge! We are one of many writing challenges out there - though we think we have a unique take on the concept. Our goal is to challenge writers, of fan fiction, original fiction, and poetry, to think "outside the box" and expand their imaginations. We offer a table of prompts, with 25 prompts, for a writer to build a story/poem on.

Make sure to read through the rules carefully before posting.


1. No flaming, no trolling, no spamming. In short: Play nice!

2. All stories should be at least 100 words long. There is, however, no maximum length. Poems do not have a minimum length, although at least ten words would be helpful.

3. Please follow rating guidelines strictly. We use the G - NC17 system at this comm. Click here for an explanation or more information.

4. Don't post until your claim is accepted by the admins, you have received your mandatory posting tag, and you have provided us with a link to your prompt table.


1. Join the comm. (Don't forget this step. :) )

2. Post to the Claims Post with the following information:
     Writer/Journal: (you - or wherever the fics+table will be posted)
     Fandom: (name of series, book, etc)
     Character/Couple/General: (whomever you will focus on, or the fandom in general)
     Prompt Table: (link to table on your blog)

3. Wait for a mod to reply with your acceptance and tag.

4. Start posting! And don't forget your tags! We will provide you with a custom tag when we accept your claim, and you are expected to tag every post you make with it. It will look something like this: username:fandom:claim. You are ALSO expected to tag with the appropriate prompt tag(s). If your story is based on prompt 04, "communion," tag your post with the prompt: 04 - communion tag.
     4a. Include the following info at the top of each post:

     4b. Make sure your story is under a cut or is a fake cut.

5. When you've completed your claim (written a story/poem for each prompt), comment over here.


What are the deadlines? There are no deadlines! You have as much time as you need to complete your works. We encourage writers to post at least once a month so that they don't taper off entirely.

Can more than one person make a certain claim? Yes, there are no limits to how many people can claim a character or pairing. We just want to know you're doing it!

Can one person make more than one claim? Yes, this is allowed now.

Can each story be a chapter of a continuous fic? Yes, absolutely! Works in a table can be as related or unrelated as you like.

Can I claim an original series? Yes, we welcome original writing.

Can I post my stories in other places? Yes, in any community you like. We love the attention it brings the challenge!

Can I write crossovers? Yes. Just include ALL the relevant info in your claim.

Can I write real-person (RP) fic? Yes, this is allowed.

What if I have to drop a claim? We're sad to hear it, but you can drop a claim at the Drop Claim post. (However, since there are no deadlines and no waiting list, it's probably not necessary.)

Do all my fics have to be about religion? No way! In fact, not at all! The prompts were chosen for their spiritual connotations, but your stories do not have to be religious in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. The words are just a starting place, and you can use them (or abuse them) in any way you want.

Does the fic need to include the prompt word? No - it's just there for inspiration.

Can I substitute prompts and create a table of my own? No, sorry. But your interpretations of the prompt words can be pretty loose. Plus, you have two "writer's choice" spaces to use your own ideas.

OK, so you're ready to start. You've read the rules, you've joined the comm, you've got your claim all picked out, and you're good to go. The next step is taking your prompt table!

The Table

01. Miracle. 02. Saint. 03. Sinner. 04. Communion. 05. Fate.
06. Karma. 07. Ritual. 08. Blessing. 09. Curse. 10. Shalom.
11. Covenant. 12. Crusade. 13. Sanctuary. 14. Desecrate. 15. Yetzer Ra.
16. Zen. 17. Purgatory. 18. Revelation. 19. Atonement. 20. Prophet.
21. Mecca. 22. Genesis. 23. Apocalypse. 24. Writer's Choice. 25. Writer's Choice.

If you have questions about the words/terms of The Table, please click here.

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Drop a Claim: Drop Post
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Sister community to LJ's sacred_20.


Have fun!

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